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mentorship exclusively with Charmaine


ONE-ON-ONE the entire month of March execute your business with me.

Setup your business, the right way! You pick a play and from that list we put it in motion & setup the business. With my help at the end of March you should have: systems formed to execute the play you chose, systems to setup the business and the strategies needed to keep it going making money over & over & over again. 

We will start Feb 28 until March 30th. Our schedule includes meeting Tuesday-Thursday everyday for an hour one on one and sometimes group settings.  You will have direct personal contact with me up to 1hr a day.  Full details of what our schedule will include will be sent after registration. 

Pick a Play 

MENTORSHIP $1899 ; $1165 for kit holders $895 for  members. You will be directed to welcome letter and direct information for next steps.

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